Both international and Dutch nature are a focus of the programming for the EO. The North Sea is a unique nature reserve right on our doorstep, but for the average viewer it is still full of undiscovered wonders. ‘North Sea, nature untamed’ is therefore a valuable addition to the programming of the EO.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality supports ‘North Sea, nature untamed’ because it fits in well with its policy framework: working on a healthy and natural North Sea through protecting and restoring nature, and making its use more sustainable. These are subjects that most people in the Netherlands know little about and through ‘North Sea, nature untamed’ they will be made visible.

Offshore wind energy contributes to the generation of sustainable energy. At the same time, offshore wind farms have ecological impacts. The Wind at Sea ecological programme, Wozep, conducts research to increase knowledge about these effects on protected species of birds, bats, marine mammals and their living environment. With ‘North Sea, nature untamed’, Wozep shares its fascination for this surprising underwater world. Wozep is implemented by the Department of Waterways and Public Works on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate.

TenneT transfers electricity generated at sea to land and in doing so, we take nature into account by using measures to preserve and even improve natural conditions. ‘North Sea, nature untamed’ shows that new nature is emerging in offshore wind farms. This contributes to the knowledge and awareness of marine life. That is the reason why TenneT supports ‘North Sea, nature untamed’.

Our nature in the North Sea is beautiful and has the potential to become more robust again. By giving nature a start and then letting her do the work herself, ARK Nature is working on rewilding at sea. ARK aims to bring back now rare species such as the common skate and restore shellfish reefs. ARK reinforces the story of the work she does with images from ‘North Sea, nature untamed’.

For 470,000 sea anglers in the Netherlands, the North Sea offers an enjoyable form of relaxation and access to fresh, self-caught fish. Anglers therefore realize better than anyone the value of the North Sea. For Sportvisserij Nederland it is important to share that insight. This is best done by portraying the beauty and vulnerability of nature in the North Sea for everyone. This increases support for responsible use and better protection of our North Sea.

‘North Sea, nature untamed’ is a wonderful initiative to show the enormous (bio)diversity of the North Sea. For Ørsted in the Netherlands, the North Sea is the place to generate sustainable energy for many households and businesses using offshore wind turbines. We combine this with pioneering and important initiatives to support nature, which we would like to share with a wide audience.

The North Sea Foundation supports ‘North Sea, nature untamed’ because it supports its mission: a thriving, sustainable North Sea for both people and nature. This means a sea with a well-functioning ecosystem that resiliently absorbs influences from the outside. With the goal that our children and the following generations can continue to enjoy the North Sea and its nature.

The North Sea has been an important working area for Boskalis for over a century. That is why we are committed to creating a clean Dutch coast by means of the Boskalis Beach Cleanup Tour of the The North Sea Foundation. We support ’North Sea, nature untamed’ because it shows the richness of the underwater life in an engaging way and makes it clear why we have to look after the North Sea and its coastal areas.

Thematically, ’North Sea, nature untamed’ is in line with the policy of the Gieskes-Strijbis Fund, which focuses on, among other things, the North Sea, in its section Nature & Environment. By supporting this project, the Gieskes-Strijbis Fund believes that a large audience can be reached. That public not only sees all the beauty that the North Sea brings, but also becomes aware of the challenges it faces.

The North Sea is our largest ‘forgotten’ nature reserve. It is an irreplaceable habitat for dozens of species of sea and coastal birds. Such as gannet, kittiwake, great skua, auk, guillemot, puffin, eider and sandwich tern. We as Vogelbescherming Nederland would like to bring this to the attention of the general public and all our administrators. The ecosystem of the North Sea deserves our protection!

To us it is important that everyone can enjoy the beauty of all nature in our area. National Park ‘The Eastern Scheldt’ is the nursery of the North Sea and therefore essential to numerous plant and marine species that breed here. ’North Sea, nature untamed’ opens up this fascinating underwater world to a wide audience. Those images are of great value to all people and the Province of Zeeland. They show that the largest National Park in the Netherlands is a beautiful and dynamic world of wind, water, mudflats and salt marshes.